NW MTB Series

NW MTB Series

First of all, my apologies for not posting here this season. As they say “too many irons in the fire”! In some ways, I feel like my “iron” has been in the fire too long! Anyway, what’s been going on? Well, we opened a bike shop in Wenatchee last winter www.ridgecyclesport.com. The kids are growing up and seem to consume more and more time. After taking two months off last winter to “recover” my general health condition is good but my performance continues to be compromised and this season it is worse than ever. The good news is that I have some different Drs. taking a look and despite dealing with this for five years, I still have some hope that the puzzle can be solved! Read more »

What 10 years of MTB racing as “professional” looks like on a screen…

El Paso Puzzler El Paso, TX 1st
Miles of DisComfort Comfort, TX 1st
TMBRA Marathon Series Overall Texas 1st
NUE#1 True Grit Epic George, UT 4th
Mudslinger Stage Race (SS) Blodgett, OR 1st
Sea Otter Classic (XC-SS) Monterey, CA 1st
Stottlemeyer 60 Port Gamble, WA DNF
USAC 24hr National Championship Gallup, NM 9th
Humbug Hurry-Up Yreka, CA 1st
Test of Endurance 50 Blodgett, OR 1st
High Cascades 100 Bend, OR 5th
Cascade Cream Puff 100 Westfir, OR 1st
Park City P2P Park City, UT 6th
Oakridge Fat55 Oakridge, OR 1st Read more »

OBRA cyclo cross Ninkrossi Cross-Word

Rassumussen Rides Again!

Several weeks ago, “Ninkrossi” in Washougal WA marked my first race in over three years. Normally, finishing in the middle of a Cat C cyclocross race would not rank noteworthy to me. However given how time constraints with work and health issues have kept me on the sidelines for too long, just doing a race felt like a victory! I’ve never done much ‘cross anyway, so I really have no standards in my head that I need to live up to. Right now I’m just enjoying the little bit of training I’m doing and looking forward to the next event.

That opportunity came last Saturday. A Perfect Day–nice weather, a fun course, my supportive wife and my form returning made for a great day of cross at the “Crossword Challenge” in Canby, Oregon! It felt great to be competitive again. I rode the entire race within the top 5-10 riders and wound up in 6th place in a field of about 30.

Mark R.

OBRA mountain bike race Oakridge Fat Tire Series

Hat Trick in Oakridge!

We saddled up the trusty mommy (and daddy) mobile and headed back to Oakridge for the second race of the Oakridge Fat Tire Series. Those who read this column often will know that I’ve had the opportunity to win the FAT55 the last two editions so I hoped that I could return for a Hat Trick!

Eugene Cathcart has built a super solid event over the past few years and this time was no exception. This time we stayed at the quaint Arbor Inn right across the street from the venue at Greenwaters Park. Despite the long drive and late night arrival I was ready to test my new Ibis HDR 650 bike on some of Oakridge’s finest trails. The weather was simply perfect again and while I managed to ride over a bank in the first couple miles, I was able to get back on and regain the front in short order. Read more »

Sporif Cross Cup Series USAC cyclocross

SC ‘crosses the country!

Round one of the Sportif Cross Cup Series took place this past weekend with the first stop in Cascade, Maryland. The venue at Fort Ritchie sits in the foothills of some local mountains just outside historic Gettysburg, PA. The beautiful background of pine forests, hills, and a lake confused me and left me wondering which side of the country I was on!

I am glad to be back racing after many hurdles, walls, and dead-ends with health, moving, and long working days in Baltimore/DC traffic! After only riding for 1-2 hours per week for a few months I thought I’d try a regional crit in an effort to test my fitness so that I could try and have some fun with the local cross scene this year. Long story–short, I could only do so many 800 watt accelerations “off the couch” before my legs just stopped functioning! Needless to say, I went home early. While mixing things up with running and weight lifting is great for overall fitness, it did nothing to prepare me to even sit in on the local Pro’s wheels in a crit–ouch! Read more »

OBRA Mountain Bike Race Oregon State Fairgrounds

Pauly on the gas! by Matt Haughey

Salem Short Track 2013 was well represented by Team REALL. The Monday evening series took place the first three weeks in August in Salem at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. On August 5th, my teammates Ryan Eisele and Jeremy Warnicke raced in Pro/Cat 1 finishing in 8th and 10th place respectively. They continued their rivalry in Single speed with Jeremy placing 5th and Ryan placing 6th. My brother Matt and I, performed well, too with Matt placing 2nd in Juniors while I placed 3rd in Cat 3.

On August 12, Julia Fudge came up from Eugene and earned a solid first in the Women’s Cat 2! Matt placed first in the Junior division and I came sixth in Cat 3. Jeremy returned and finished 8th in Pro/Cat 1 and held 5th place for the second week in a row in single speed.

The final race was the 19th. Paul Zweigart raced and placed 4th in the Men’s Cat 2. Julia again finished 1st place in her division. Matt and I, each took first in our categories! Ryan returned to action riding to 12th place in Pro/Cat 1 and finished strong in single speed in fourth place. Jeremy rode to 10th place in Pro/Cat 1 and maintained his 5th place standing in the single speed category. Read more »

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