Bart Carter Salem Short Track Series

Photo by Matt Haughey

I’ve always considered myself a wannabe mountain biker. In my twenties, I commuted by bike every day for seven years and this constituted the entirety of my professional biking career. Professional not because of my riding skill, strength, or endurance, but because as a bicycle commuter at the university ,I was paid about a dollar a day to ride to help alleviate over-parking. The bike racing I did then was against my buddies who rode the bus. Now in my 30′s I am out of school, and still a wannabe. I ride for fun and to prep for races. This season was my best so far. This included a near-miss of winning the Cat 2 by just one second at my favorite race, Ashland’s Spring Thaw. I also took second place overall in Salem’s STXC series. Looking ahead, I already know I wannabe first.


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