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These are the partners that have stepped up to provide me with the best products that help me train, win, and continue to improve! Not only do each of them provide the highest level of technology and innovation, they also demonstrate a commitment to longevity and customer service.

I have been using energy drinks for years with added supplements. However, when I tried BRL TriFuel I was instantly converted! With more added BCAAs and Electrolytes than anything else on the market, I can go the distance whether racing or training with no stomach upset and steady energy levels. The Invigor8 mix is a phenomenal start to every day as I add this protein and micronutrient bundle to all my smoothies!

For years I have looked for the best footwear for cycling. Riding up to 24+ hours at a time leaves one fully aware of how a shoe fits and my Diadora X Vortex are the lightest, stiffest and most comfortable shoes I have every worn!

I first learned about Rotor Cranks in 2004 and by 2006 I was racing on Q-Rings full time. Since then the folks at Rotor have continued to offer the best chainring solution while adding many other products to their line up. All my bikes run on Rotor cranks, bottom brackets, chainrings and stems for good reason–they are lightest, strongest, and most ergonomic solution!

After using Magura brakes for years, I made the jump to their suspension systems for 2013. Look for TS8 forks and TSRC shocks on my bikes this season. Magura combines proven German engineering and manufacturing to provide paramount performance and ride quality!

I have known Greg Gibson for the last five years. He is a great rider and a super fella so when his company Truckerco invited me to rep their products I was all in. The tire sealant and brake pads are awesome values and seem to be designed for athletes just like Greg and I–those who want absolute peak performance on a reasonable budget!

i was first introduced to Extreme Endurance at the beginning of last season and I had to keep using it to believe the incredible results! They are leader in acid buffering supplements and now have a great multivitamin, omega-3 and joint matrix I also use.

I got my first Garmin GPS in 2006 and have been riding and racing with them ever since. There is no better way to share your ride or keep track of where you have been. Now they also interface with many other devices giving you more ways to keep track of how you ride.

ESI grips are the best. Sure you they may cost a bit more than those molded plastic grips that come with your bike but there is no better or more noticeable way to upgrade your bike. Not only are these grips more comfortable, they are generally lighter and offer better grip in all conditions. They also grab the bars so tight you never have to worry about them twisting!

I have been checking out the splendid eye wear from Uvex for sometime. Now I get to wear these amazingly light and adaptable specs full time. Protection and style personified!

We have been choosing KMC chains for the last 5 seasons for their paramount performance and superior durability. When I learned that a great friend of mine had recently gone to work for them we decided it was time to make our relationship a little more official. Whether it is using the X.93 chains for training all winter or stepping up to the XSL chains to save weight without sacrifices for racing KMC chains are the BEST!


I ran across Squirt while racing the NUE series several years ago. When I moved to Wenatchee in 2013 I realized I couldn’t get by with a heavy, oily chain lube in our dry and dusty conditions. However conventional dry lubes would hardly last through a short ride especially one with characteristic stream crossings and and spring run-off. I stripped my chain completely and began using Squirt and now it is all I recommend at my shop RIDGE Cyclesport! Its the only chain lube I’ve ever tried that will last a full day of riding in paradise!


In 2015 I was looking for a helmet line to carry in my shop. I had met Brad W. on a ride in Santa Cruz some years ago so I called KALI and they sent me several helmets to try out. Whether its the functional Maya or the aero Tava, KALI makes amazing helmets that are loaded with technology at a reasonable price. No fancy acronyms here–just science and innovation colliding to offer the best protection and style on the planet!


I’ve known Ken from XPEDO for many years and have always been interested in their pedals. After many years of riding non-binding pedals I was leary of the durability and consistency of any traditional SPD style pedal. Those concerns have been long forgotten. After nearly two seasons on XPEDO pedals with ZERO problems I am totally satisfied and they are my favorite brand to sell in my shop because of their weight, durability, ease of maintenance, and variety of configurations and spindle lengths.


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