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These are the partners that make my racing and team a reality. They are industry leaders and share our passion and commitment for the sport. With both financial and product support their contribution has helped keep us at the front of the pack!

Last year I approached Ibis in hope of racing some select single speed events on a Tranny. Not only did they kindly respond to my inquiry but listened and considered my proposed¬†endeavor. I learned first-hand about Ibis legendary customer service and how much of a family this company really is. Our relationship has grown and I am eternally grateful for the support and interest these great folks have taken in my passion. Ibis bikes are just as great as Ibis people and I think that’s enough said. Visit a demo and discover for yourself! ¬†

Tom Ritchey is one of the foremost pioneers of mountain biking and cycling in general. HIs innovative designs were industry leaders 30 years ago and have stood the test of time. I upgraded my first Schwinn MTB with a kit full of Ritchey Force and Vector components with MegaBite tires in the late 80s and it was like having a new bike that weighed a couple pounds less. Always sensibly light and incredibly well designed, Ritchey Logic is amazing to this day. In 2013 I had the chance to join the Red, White, and Blue crew and it has been a dream come true–I love me my Ritchey WCS more than ever!!!


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