Julia Fudge Salem Short Track Series

Julia Racing Salem Short Track–Matt Haughey

I rode my bike everywhere growing up in Eugene, Oregon but fell into bicycle racing “accidentally” after buying a road bike to get fit at age 40.  I still love the road for fitness but I am hooked on cyclocross and mountain biking because it’s so darned much FUN and reminds me of the riding I did as a kid. Even when it’s raining, dark or muddy, it’s always a good time out on the trails, especially when riding with friends, and a feeling of satisfaction to do something healthy and challenging.

Mountain bike racing helps me set training goals and work harder to improve my fitness and skills.  Technical skills are my strength and my improved finishes in cyclocross last season showed me how much I can move up as I increase my fitness.  This year, I am focusing on mt bike, trying new races and working on endurance. After riding my first two races of the season on cyclocross or singlespeed bike, I am REALLy enjoying my new 29er which another racer told me should be illegal it’s so light! I have my sights set on finishing a 50-mile mt bike race, the Capitol Forest 50 in Olympia Washington in August.

When I’m not riding in the southern Willamette Valley or mt bike racing, I might be found hanging out and occasionally riding with my husband and two sons, cooking, working, guiding at Mt Bike Oregon in Oakridge or officiating at OBRA races.



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