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Mudslinger Events mountain bike race OBRA

Ryan rips the woods–OregonVelo

The Test of Endurance race was held on Saturday July 6th. New for the 2013 event was a 100k option over Mary’s Peak. Wanting to try a big challenge this year, and never having been on top of the highest point in the coast range of Oregon, I decided to sign up for the 100k in the single speed class. After having to do a bit of convincing, I was able to get my good friend and teammate Dave Hill to also sign up for 100k of pain and suffering. Dave turned 50 this year and we had talked previously about racing the High Cascades 100 miler to celebrate him turning half a century old. It wasn’t going to be 100 miles, but the challenge would be just as great with over 10,000 feet of climbing in just 62 miles. Read more »

Ross Brody Rides

Curvy Mojo SLR and Curvy Bridge!

A few weekends ago I didn’t venture south, instead I stayed up here and spent a rainy four hours scoping out some gravel roads and not really doing much more than a lengthy out-and-back ride on Saturday. Sunday, with improved weather, I headed to the Wilson River trail in Tillamook State Forest for a second exploration (I was also there two weeks ago).

I like this trail. It’s not really technical, but it’s up and down and all around, through the woods and sometimes steep and difficult to ascend but a dream to descend. After a few miles on the trail I crossed a pretty neat bridge that happens to be right above the PERFECT summer swimming hole! I felt compelled to snap a picture of the well engineered and delightfully curvy Ibis SLR next to the similarly configured wooden bridge. Read more »

OBRA Sisters Stampede mountain bike race

Julia stomps the Stampede!

It was a great race, one of my best, both in effort and tactics. I really love the course, it’s perfect for me because it doesn’t start with a big climb. It’s a great equalizing course, not a huge time difference between the fastest and middle/slower riders. There is only so fast you can go on a course with lots of twisty-turny singletrack and rock gardens. A fast climber can climb twice as fast as me, but he isn’t going to ride that singletrack a whole lot faster than I can. I think one of my REALL teammates, Luke, was trying to do that and hit a tree with his face. My time was just under 2:08, pretty close to the same as last year, I thought I was faster and pretty sure the course was the same. But my placing was a lot better, so I guess the competition was just different. But I was 3rd of 17 in the largest women’s field, Cat 2 age 40-49. For the narrowest age group (outside of juniors), it’s a lot of riders, always the largest women’s field. Read more »

OBRA mountain bike race

Sisters Stampede 2013

The Reall Racing team had it’s biggest showing of the early season over Memorial Day weekend. Six team members made the trip over the Cascade mountains to Sisters Oregon for the 4th annual Sisters Stampede mountain bike race. After leaving the wet and chilly valley early in the morning we were greeted to partially sunny skies and a cool breeze. An overnight rain left the typically dry dusty trails damp and fast for the start of the race. Read more »

Ashland Spring Thaw OBRA mountain bike race

Too Bonzai!

Ashland, Oregon.
The Spring Thaw in Ashland was another great race for me. The weather was not very cooperative and it was kinda cold then on the second lap it began to rain. The race started in a different place then usual so right off the get go im going wide open for about a half mile! The climb should have eased up– well, too late now! Thank goodness I had two bottles of GU Brew, I think it saved me on the second climb I was feeling pretty good heading into the second lap with (former teammate) James Shingleton. Made it to the top and it was time for my Kenda tires with the Orange Seal to earn the money. Boy did they ever–I made some fantastic corners except one switch back that i came into way too fast and went down leaving a little flesh! While I lost a second or two, I flew the rest of the way to the finish line in 1:53 not bad for a 50 year old and took home the GOLD for Team REALL!

Read more »

NW Epic Series Stottlemeyer 30/60

2012 Stottlemeyer60 Photo: Jerry Gamez

On Mother’s Day weekend I traveled north to Port Gamble, Washington for the first event of the NW Epic Series. The promoter of these relatively new endurance mountain bike races contacted me about four years ago with questions regarding the key components of great MTB endurance events. I thought it was pretty awesome to have a would-be director actually ask riders’ opinions, so this year I made it a point to go check out his races!

This particular event, the Stottlemeyer 30/60 has been held each of the last four years. Since NW Epic took over this race three years ago it has grown from 50 to 450 finishers. and is now the second largest event in Washington! Port Gamble is a tiny, historic community that sits quaintly on a point of land just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. The race began a few hundred meters from the waters edge.

There is little in the way of mountains so local trail builders have carved beautiful ribbons of single track all over the little peninsula in direct cooperation with private land owners. The Stottlemeyer course navigates a 13 mile loop (two or four times) that ties multiple sections of trail together with very short bits of fire road. With only several hundred feet of elevation difference, these architects have made the most of the loamy soil and dense conifer forest creating a near mind-boggling maze of twisting, undulating track. Read more »


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