OBRA mountain bike race Oakridge Fat Tire Series

Hat Trick in Oakridge!

We saddled up the trusty mommy (and daddy) mobile and headed back to Oakridge for the second race of the Oakridge Fat Tire Series. Those who read this column often will know that I’ve had the opportunity to win the FAT55 the last two editions so I hoped that I could return for a Hat Trick!

Eugene Cathcart has built a super solid event over the past few years and this time was no exception. This time we stayed at the quaint Arbor Inn right across the street from the venue at Greenwaters Park. Despite the long drive and late night arrival I was ready to test my new Ibis HDR 650 bike on some of Oakridge’s finest trails. The weather was simply perfect again and while I managed to ride over a bank in the first couple miles, I was able to get back on and regain the front in short order.

The course markings were impeccable with nice big arrows pointing the way around the stunning 55 mile course and with each of the three loops consisting of a long climb followed by an amazing descent it was easy to pace oneself for the duration. Another sweet course feature is that each loop seems progressively easier and shorter so as fatigue sets in, riders are encouraged to press on and finish strong!

That being said, the race is still an incredible journey through old growth forests, across alpine meadows and along rushing water. These events have a amazing hospitality quotient as Oakridge seems to welcome cyclists with open arms in a way I have experience no where else. With its logging roots almost ancient history, now the community has embraced cycling in a way that should be a model throughout the world.

With the race in the books, riders of every age and category lounged in the park enjoying awesome food, music and comraderie that still is the essence of mountain bike racing. Some of us reminisced about races in Oakridge nearly 20 years past while others were equally excited to sample the bounty for the first time. In any case Oakridge has a strangle-hold on its long standing reputation as one of the finest places on earth to ride bikes. The “new” Oakridge Fat Tire series provides and impeccable way to enjoy it in a competitive manner and I look forward to my next back more than ever!

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