New talent emerges while old guard counts laps!

New talent emerges while old guard counts laps!

Day five at the 2014 Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race was bittersweet for sure. While I was stoked to see my friend James battle back from a rough ride on day four to finish second on the stage, I was missing Farlow Gap in a bad way. My knee was swollen up like a mellon and I have been hobbling around like some old geezer for days on end now.

The folks a Blue Ridge Adventures put on a great show and the last day was no exception. Whether it was watching the kids races, the pie eating contest or the riders victoriously crossing the finish line after five days of some of the toughest trail in the world, my spirits were as high as I could imagine given the circumstances!

The final stage pie eating contest shook up the standings!

The final stage pie eating contest shook up the standings!

While earlier in the week I figured it may be my last shot at this race, now I was already planning a return trip and having my way with this Pisgah one more time. With the exciting news that the race will be changing to a spring date, maybe I won’t even have to wait a full year to come back. If not, I hope it will be sooner than later because four years was too long!

In any case, PMBSR in the spring will undoubtedly bring more riders and more attention. I have always loved riding mountain bikes in the fall but it seems like these days cycling is more and more ‘cross crazy and fewer riders are interested in MTB or road cycling events this time of year. The spring works for me as I am generally fresher and more motivated even if I seem to lack fitness that time of year.

With my season officially over, I look forward to removing these stitches and getting back on my bike for a few more epic rides in the NW Cascades before the snow settles into the high country for good this year. Hopefully we have a dry and late summer so I can recover in time!

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