Day Zero PresentationThe “null stage” has gone well. When faced with a $500 airline ticket from SeaTac to Greenville, I did what all great riders do–looked for a better line. In that case it meant booking two direct flights–one to Midway, staying the night and continuing on to Greenville today. With a recent Southwest fair sale, each ticket was just over a hundred bucks and both flights were non-stop–winning! Of course checking free of charge in with my venerable Ibis Ripley smartly tucked in its Ritchey Breakaway case is always a bonus! Ultimately, I was going to have to book at least one hotel room along the cross-country journey and a few extra hours of rest never hurts on the front end of a five day stage race!

Todd WORD!I arrived in the lovely little town of Brevard just in time to swing by Sycamore Cycles and fill up my tires with some Appalachian air. Next, I located my accommodations for the week and reacquainted with my old riding mates turned roommates for the week. After assembling the Ripley, it was time for dinner and the pep talk from Todd and the crew at Blue Ridge Productions.
Day Zero Menu
Next, we headed to our home away from home–a sweet four bedroom house nestled in the woods. I spent a bit of time building my bike back up and doing a little deferred maintenance but undoubtably there will be more tuning to be done in the moring. After some last minute prep, it’s time to hit the hay and start dreaming of roots, rocks, ruts and the nearly endless knar that makes Pisgah my favorite bike-cation!

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